Hibachi Master


Mochi Ice Cream                            4.50
 A traditional Japanese desserts. Ice cream
 Embedded inside a thin rice cake.
Your choice of :   Green Tea   Strawberry
                          Vanilla       Chocolate

Tempura Ice Cream                      4.00
 Vanilla ice cream breaded and lightly fried.

Ice Cream                                      2.50
Your choice of :   Vanilla   Green Tea

Mochi                                              5.00
 A traditional Japanese desserts which made
 Of rice flour.

Your choice of :   Strawberry   Orange
                        Vanilla cream   Melon


          Hot Tea, Iced Tea, , Pepsi, Diet Pepsi,  Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Sierra mist ,Mt Dew , Diet Mt Dew .

          Free Refill on Above Items Only

Ask for Milk OR  Juice available !

Beer ,wine & Sake

Domestic Beer
Bud                 3.50             Miller Light           3.50
Bud Light         3.50             Michelob Light      3.50

Imported Beer
Kirin Ichiban    4.25   6.50      Asahi                    4.25
Sapporo           4.25   6.50     kirin Light            4.25
Tiger                         4.25    

Tsing dao                  4.25

Japanese Sake

Hot Sake                   6.95 by Jar
Cold Sake                  5.50 by glass
Wine                          5.50 by glass

Sake Bomb
      Ingredients:  *  1 shot glass sake
                            *  1  mug of beer      
The objective of this drink is to drop the shot glass of sake into the beer, and then drink both very quickly!