Hibachi Master
      Special Roll

Mia Roll

Shrimp tempura ,avocado ,cream cheese ,eel  inside , out with tuna on top . 

spicy mayo, hot sauce with it . 

Cowboy Roll

Tuna ,crabmeat , cream cheese topped with wasabi , sliced seared rare steak,

jalapeno & chili sauce.

South Beach Dragon

Shrimp tempura ,cucumber inside , topped with avocado , spicy crab .

Brandon Maki

Salmon , cream cheese & hot chili sauce inside ,spicy crab on top .

Jake 2 Maki

Shrimp tempura , spicy tuna , spicy salmon cream cheese , wrapped with avocado . spicy crab on top. 

Kyle Roll

Spicy tuna roll, topped with seared tuna, masago & scallions, wasabi sauce.

Fashion Roll

spicy white tuna ,crab ,cheese .green onion .deep fried.

Ryan Maki

Spicy yellowtail with crunchy rolled shrimp, crab on top w. giner dressing.

Bengal Roll

Crab meat and asparagus inside .shrimp and avocado outside .

Sweet heart( Valentine's special)

Spicy tuna inside with crunchy ,slice tuna along outside .

Tiger Roll

Crab meat ,tuna & cream cheese wrapped w.avocado & shrimp , masago and spicy mayo on top.

Super White Dragon

Spicy tuna ,shrimp tempura, avocado topped spicy white tuna & crabmeat .



Red roll


tiger roll
Jumbo Oyster Special
Jumbo oyster special