Hibachi Master

Teppanyaki is cooked on sheet metalby the chef . Premium cuts of meat, seafood, and seasonal vegetables are expertly prepared


All entrees include soup, salad, vegetables, steamed
or fried rice.

Hibachi Dinner
Hibachi is stir-fried then cooked with soy sauce .

Hibachi Regular

Vegetables                 Lobster          

Chicken                      Shrimp           
Steak                          Scallops         
Salmon                       Fillet Mignon 

Hibachi Combos

Steak   & Chicken        
Steak   & Shrimp         
Steak   & Salmon         
Shrimp& Scallops        

Emperor Combos

Steak, Shrimp, Scallops         
Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops     
Steak, Chicken, Shrimp                

Hibachi Master Special            54.95
Dinner for two.
Shrimp, ( Scallops OR Chicken) & Fillet Mignon ,LOBSTER


Fried Rice( Not including soup, salad )


Vegetable Fried Rice            
Chicken Fried Rice                
Shrimp Fried Rice                 
Beef Fried Rice                     
Seafood Fried Rice                

Side Order

Miso                                 Fried rice       
Steam rice                       Vegetable      
Chicken                            Shrimp(6ps)   
Steak                                Salmon            

Fried Noodles

(Udon or Soba )
Vegetable Yaki Udon (or Lo Mein)      
Chicken Yaki Udon (or Lo Mein)        
Shrimp  Yaki Udon (or Lo Mein)        
Beef Yaki Udon (or Lo Mein)              
Seafood Yaki Udon (or Lo Mein)         1
Stir-fried Udon (or Lo Mein) with shrimp,
crabmeat & scallops.

Noodle Soup
Tempura Udon    13.95
Udon noodle soup with tempura shrimp on the side.
Seafood  Udon    14.95
Udon noodle soup with shrimp, crabmeat & scallops.

For Kids
Hibachi W/Rice, Vegetable   
Teriyaki W/Rice, Vegetable   

Hibachi W/Rice, Vegetable
Teriyaki W/Rice, Vegetable

Hibachi W/Rice, Vegetable
Teriyaki W/Rice, Vegetable



C1. Sashimi & Tempura  
8 pieces sashimi & 3 pieces shrimp &
  vegetable tempura.
C2. Sushi  & Tempura      
 4 pieces sushi nigiri & tuna roll & 3 pieces
  shrimp & vegetable tempura.