Hibachi Master
Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar


      Boiled and salted soy beans.
Six pieces of steamed or fried pork dumplings.
3. Yakitori (2 skewers)                                       
Chicken, onions & pineapple on skewers with
      teriyaki sauce.
4. Yaki Ebi (2 skewers)                                       
Grilled shrimp on skewers with teriyaki sauce.
5. Vegetable Tempura                                         
Five pieces of vegetable lightly battered & deep

6. Chicken Tempura                                             
Three pieces of chicken and vegetable lightly   
       Battered & deep fried.

7. Shrimp Tempura                                              
Three pieces of shrimp and vegetable lightly
       Battered & deep fried.
8. Scallops Tempura                                             
Three pieces of scallops and vegetable lightly
      Battered & deep fried.

9. Fried Calamari (5 pieces )                               
      Lightly battered & deep fried.
10. Egg Rolls                                                          
        Three mini egg rolls deep fried.
11. Soft Shell Crab                                                
        Lightly battered & deep fried .
12. Age Tofu                                                          
        Deep fried tofu served  tempura sauce.
13. Shrimp Shuimai                                             

         Steam shrimp dumpling.
14. Green Mussels                                                 
       Boiled  mussel with chef’s special sauce.
15. Fried Shrimp                                                   
16. Fried Oyster                                                     
17. Ikayaki                                                             
       Grilled squid.
18. Beef  Negimaki                                                
       Thinly sliced beef wrapped with scallion.
19. Sushi Appetizers                                              
       Five pieces of chef’s choice sushi .
20. Sashimi Appetizers                                        
Eight pieces of chef’s choice sashimi.


1. House Green Salad        
 Lettuce and carrots with our ginger house     
2. Seaweed Salad                                                          

3. Squid Salad                    
4. Avocado Salad                 

Crabstick, flying fish roe & avocado.
5. Cucumber Salad              
Sliced cucumber mixed with vinegar sauce.
6. Crab Salad                       

Crabstick and cucumber mixed with spicy mayo.
7. Sumo mono                      

 Seafood salad with sweet vinegar sauce.
8. Tako Su                              

 Sliced octopus in sweet vinegar sauce.
9. Kani Su                                 

Crabstick in sweet vinegar sauce.
10. Tuna Tataki                      
Thinly slightly tuna with ponzu sauce.
11. Salmon Tataki                   
Thinly slightly salmon with ponzu sauce.
12. White Tuna Tataki          
Thinly slightly white tuna with ponzu sauce
13. Grilled Chicken Salad           
       Grilled chicken top of lettuce and carrots
        Served with ginger dressing.
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